Galaxy of Glass

Durall and his unit have been prisoners on an alien ship for as long as they can remember, forced to execute the enemies of their captors to earn their daily food rations. But when his latest mark knows more than should be possible, Durall finds himself at the head of a revolt for freedom.

About the author.

Truck drivers get to see their country at 60 mph. I got to see the world at ahead two-thirds from the deck of an aircraft carrier. That is, whenever I was allowed out of the engine rooms to mingle with the top-dwelling people.

When I finished my enlistment, I did all the normal things my friends had done while I was gone – got married, settled down, had kids. 

In the new after-times, I spend my free time reading, hiking a respectable distance from others, and plotting how to use the inevitable robot revolution to combat the murder bees.

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