Galaxy of Glass Series

Humanity was the perfect weapon in the quest to capture the galaxy. Until humanity had other plans.

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Book 1: Galaxy of Glass

Durall and his unit have been prisoners on an alien ship for as long as they can remember, forced to execute the enemies of their captors to earn their daily food rations.

But when his latest mark knows more than should be possible, Durall finds himself at the head of a revolt for freedom. 

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Blind Magic

Verity was born blind, or so she thought. After an experimental surgery to restore her sight, she finds she sees things others don't. Now she's hunted by competing groups of magic users and other paranormal creatures to capture her powers. Or keep the other side from having them. A fast-paced adventure with magic, myster, and finding there's more to life than what you can see. 

Short Story Collections


Answers to questions no one asked. A little bit of fun, a little bit of gore, always a fantastical element. Collections of short stories and flash fiction to keep anyone entertained for minutes.

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Twisted Time
A Five Story Collection

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. That includes time.
Don't trust the straight-forward flow of time. It will let you down every time.

In this five story collection, everything from time travel portals to errant smart phone apps show that time looks out for its own best interest. And the very smart or the very stupid can get pulled along for the ride.

A collection of five original stories that shows time waits for no one.

Demons of Our Nature

A Five Story Collection from the Other Realm

Hell is not the place evil goes in death. Hell is our last defense.

Demons started as Angels and never forsook their duty to humans. At least, not all of them.

There is a cost to every life saved. Thanks to the demons who continue to pay those dues, we all owe our lives to them.

Demons may be real, but they're not what you expect.

Above the Same Sky

A Five Story Collection

A five-story collection about normal worlds different from our own. Worlds with a twist. People staring down at the same sky with no sense of how amazing it would be from our point of view.

Sometimes fun, sometimes freaky, five stories connected by unusual twists.

White Noise

A Short Story Collection

An eclectic collection of flash fiction born from the outlandish suggestions from the r/WritingPrompts subreddit.


What if emotions came in bottles, magic spells were patented, and demons worked within a strict code of conduct?


Find out the burning answers to questions nobody asked.