Love or power — you can only have one. That’s what I’ve discovered over ions and ions of existence.  

In the beginning there was no life, so no one to believe or disbelieve in me. I had unlimited power then, the ability to create worlds and life. 

After I created Adam and Eve, the whole of human sentience knew me and worshiped me. Omnipotence followed by powerlessness. I couldn’t even protect a single apple. 

As their children grew and knew me, they slowly stopped believing in my power. Again, I gained strength. 

I fell into obscurity over a few generations and gained more power. But power without connection grows old, and I was tempted to return to the land of men. 

Inevitably, I would reveal myself and be worshiped.  

And so I fell into a pattern that has repeated throughout time. Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Prophets: the cycle continued as my power waxed and waned. My last grand idea was to come to disparate groups of people as different incarnations in quick succession.  

That played out 1,500 years ago, and I was almost powerless after. I thought their conflict would cancel each other out, but it had the opposite effect. In most of the world, people believed in me in one form or another, only disagreed on the details.  

The results were the same.

About 500 years ago, I came up with a better plan. If I mixed worship and power, I could drive people away. 

I subtly led people to believe that I cared which king was in power, which family was closest to that king, or that I favored one government policy over another. 

At first it didn’t seem to work. My believers just splintered into ever greater factions, each believing they were better than the others but still all worshiping me. Still, I continued, knowing that I had eternity to perfect the strategy.

After a thousand of years, the plan is finally coming together. The more I tell those who follow me to endorse one political candidate, one policy, or one absolute over another, the larger the fracture I create. 

Finally, the division is no longer between different groups that follow me, but through those that do and those that don’t. The further I push the people who worship me towards unpopular idealistic views, the more atheists are made, and the more power I accumulate.

Finally, I can both walk in the land of men and possess power. Televangelists truly are my chosen people.

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

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